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Spanish Club CD Pinzón Unveils Strawberry and Blueberry Kits

Spanish club CD Pinzón from the province of Huelva, competing in the División de Honor Andaluza, these days unveiled a pretty unconventional set of kits dedicated to the agricultural products of the region.

CD Pinzón Strawberry and Blueberry Kits

These images show the new home (strawberry) and away (blueberry) kits of Club Deportivo Pinzón.

Inspired by the agricultural products produced in the region that club is based, CD Pinzón swapped its regular red home shirt for a strawberry-inspired design, while the new CD Pinzón away kit, usually black, shows a large, photo-realistic print of blueberries. The CD Pinzón 2016-17 home and away kits were manufactured by CiPA, a small Spanish brand.

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