Marco Reus Wins FIFA 17 Cover Vote

Update: EA Sports just confirmed that Borussia Dortmund's Marco Reus has won the FIFA 17 Cover Vote, trumping an illustrious selection of Hazard, James and Martial. Reus will appear on the FIFA 17 box art globally, replacing Lionel Messi. Read out original post below.

EA Sports just announced that fans of the game will have the ability to choose the star to feature on the FIFA 17 cover.

FIFA 17 was initially unveiled with a video starring no less than four high-profile players, Hazard, James, Martial and Reus, prompting speculation that all four could be on the cover in the end, replacing the outgoing Lionel Messi. Now, EA is taking the decision to the people who will have the chance to choose from the four aforementioned names.

Who do you prefer to see on the FIFA 17 cover? Drop us a line below.