First Jako Rubin Kazan 16-17 Home, Away and Third Kits Released + New Logo Revealed

Rubin Kazan yesterday officially unveiled the new home, away and third kits for the upcoming season. Made for the first time by Jako, the Russian club also revealed a new club logo that is used for the new jerseys.

Rubin Kazan 2016-17 Logo

Here are some images of Rubin Kazan's brand-new crest.

The new Rubin Kazan logo, which was developed by Sellout Sport System and the famous Kazan art director Artem Ermolaev, combines the first historical emblem of the team, which is the ancestor of the Kazan Aviation Association Gorbunov and the emblem of 1996 while also incorporating a soccer ball.

The new logo is a successor of the 1996 emblem. It comes with similar geometry shield shape, green-white-red contours that form the flag of the Republic of Tatarstan. It also features the founding year of the club, his home town and, of course, the dragon Zilant, which is the symbol of Kazan. The head of the dragon has become more aggressive, and the direction of the wings and tail are the same today. Incidentally, this is the direction of the missile was given the historical team logos, virtually all of the direct sign of the line are at the same angle. The Zilant has become more dynamic, and forward-aimed attack. Find out all you need to know about the new logo here.

Rubin Kazan 16-17 Kits

This image shows the new Jako Rubin Kazan 2016-2017 home, away and third kits.

Featuring a unique and bespoke look for the club, the new Rubin Kazan 2016-17 home shirt is red with a classic collar and a gold and white applications. The front features a stunning dragon-skin all-over pattern and a special monochromatic golden club crest. Maroon shorts and socks, both with golden detailing, complete the first-ever Rubin Kazan home kit by Jako.

On the sleeve of each of the three kits is the panorama of Kazan. The panorama shows the most famous symbols of the city such as the Syuyumbike Tower, Annunciation Cathedral, Kul Sharif Mosque and the Kazan Kremlin Spasskaya Tower.

The new Rubin Kazan away jersey is white with a stunning green and red lines design on the front. It has a classy white, green and red collar and is combined with white shorts and socks.

Rubin Kazan's 2016-2017 third jersey introduces a red and green stripes design for the club. Jako connects the red and green stripes with white.

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