France 2016 Olympics Kits + Lacoste Deal Revealed

Today, French website has unveiled the 'new' home kit that the French Women's national team will wear during the Olympics next month.

France Home and Away Kits for the 2016 Olympics

This illustration shows the new France 2016 Olympics kits.

Generally identical to the regular 2016 Euro home and away kits, the new France 2016 Olympics home and away jerseys feature the logo of the France Olympic team.

It's the first time that France will play an Olympic tournament wearing Nike jerseys. In 2012, when the France Football Federation was already under contract with Nike, the National Olympic Committee of France was sponsored by Adidas. Therefore, France wore Adidas kits in 2012.

However, the NOC of France has signed a new deal for the 2016 Rio Olympics with Lacoste to replace Adidas. The new contract signed between the French NOC and Lacoste changes everything. As Lacoste does not provide football jerseys Nike that will equip the France national football team (Adidas will supply Basketball kits, Asiscs will supply the gear for Athletics etc).

France's players will be wearing Nike products only in matches and training. The usual logo FFF will be replaced by the logo of the Olympic teams of France (no official image released yet). Otherwise, it will be Lacoste who will equip the athletes during all official ceremonies and podiums.

The France 2016 Olympics kits will not be sold and only used in Rio.

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