Heerenveen 16-17 Kits Released

The new SC Heerenveen 2016-17 home kit again comes with the trademark design of the Eredivisie club, which is inspired by the Frisian flag.

The new Heerenveen 2016-17 jersey by Jako feature the large red Kika sponsor logo on the front for the first time.

Heerenveen 2016-17 Home Shirt

This is the new Heerenveen 16-17 home jersey.

The new Heerenveen 16-17 home kit sticks to the traditional blue and white stripes while boasting the famous seven red seeblatts on the front. The bespoke kit design of the Dutch Eredivisie club draws inspiration from the Frisian flag.

The stripes on the front of the new sc Heerenveen 2016-17 Shirt feature a large white space for the red sponsor logo, while the kit also comes with a remarkable large collar with a v-insert.

Heerenveen 16-17 Away Jersey

These are the new SC Heerenveen 2016-2017 home and away kits.

Based on the same template as the home shirt, the Heerenveen 16-17 away kit is navy with subtle pinstripes on the front.

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