Gold Adidas Ace 16+ PureControl Space Craft Pack Boots Released

Adidas released the first-ever leather edition of the Ace 16+ PureControl today. Part of a new football boot collection dubbed the Space Craft Pack, the new Adidas Ace 2016 Space Craft Pack Kangaroo leather soccer cleat boasts a look in golden and black.

Adidas Ace 16+ PureControl Space Craft K-Leather - Golden / Black

This is the bold new Adidas Ace 16+ PureControl boot from the Adidas Space Craft Pack.

Based on the iconic silhouette of the laceless Adidas Ace 16+ PureControl, the Adidas Space Craft Pack Ace PureControl boots boast a golden upper design. Adidas combines the golden upper with black for the sock-like collar.

The Adidas stripes, placed on the outside of the golden Adidas Ace PureControl Space Craft soccer boots, are golden, and the sole plate is shimmering gold.

As all previous releases, the golden Adidas Ace 16+ PureControl cleats boast a laceless construction that aims to offer a larger, cleaner striking surface. However, whereas the regular editions of the Adidas Ace PureControl feature a synthetic upper, the Adidas Ace 2016 Space Craft Pack cleat comes with super soft Kangaroo leather in the touch area.

Retailing at a slightly higher price as regular Adidas Ace 16+ soccer cleat launches, the golden and black Adidas Ace PureControl 2016 Space Craft K-Leather boots will go on sale on September 15, 2016, for 330 USD. They are limited to just 1000 pairs globally.

Will you get your hands on the Adidas Space Craft Pack Adidas Ace 16+ PureControl Kangaroo leather football boots, the first-ever laceless K-Leather boot with a sock-like design? Let us know in the comments below.