Inter to Ditch Pirelli Amid Chinese Takeover?

Inter Milan surprised its fans today by turning up to training with the Pirelli sponsor logos covered with tape, after it was totally normal the day before. This immediately prompted speculation over a possible new main sponsor at Inter, speculation which had never really stopped despite the club and tire producer signing a new deal in February.

Today, the Pirelli logos normally visible on the front of Inter's training gear were more or less well hidden under tape covering. This most likely is a way to put pressure on Pirelli, much like when players are 'blacking-out' sponsor logos on their boots in order to improve their bargaining power.

It was previously rumored that the new agreement between Inter and Pirelli had clauses to allow either party to cut short the deal, as was the possibility of new club owner, Chinese company Suning bringing new sponsors that are willing to offer larger sums of money compared to the Italian company.

What do you think? Will Inter soon cancel the Pirelli contract and unveil a new main sponsor? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to stay tuned as the story evolves.