Japan 2016 Olympics Home and Away Kits Released

Adidas and the Japanese national team have unveiled their kits that will be worn at the Olympics in Brazil next month.

Japan 2016 Olympics Kits

This is the new Japanese national team home jersey for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Boasting the same design as Japan's 2015-2016 Adidas home kit, the new Japan 2016 home shirt comes with a unique color gradient design on the front to stand out.

To align with the Olympic tournament’s uniform regulations, the JFA crest was removed just as the Three Stripes on the side of the shirt.

The Adidas Japan 2016 Olympics away jersey is the same as the regular away shirt, just without the JFA crest and the Adidas stripes on the side. It boasts a stunning all-over graphic print on the front.

Already available to buy, the new Japan 2016 Olympics kits will only be worn by the men's team, and only during the Olympic soccer tournament.

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