Nike to Release Hard Ground Sole Plate Globally?

Nike is set to release the currently Japan-exclusive Hard Ground outsole across the globe with the second-gen Nike Magista boots, Footy Headlines understands. The first-ever Nike Magista 2 Hard Ground soccer cleat is set to be launched in the coming days.

Nike to Launch Hard Ground Sole Plate Globally?

Next-Gen Nike Magista 2 boots - hard ground sole plate.

The HG version of the Nike Magista Opus boots comes with several differences compared to the standard FG model to provide optimal traction, durability and comfort on hard and dry surfaces (the boots can be also used on Artificial Grass). The cleat comes with NikeGrind on the toe-box and rear area for improved durability, and with a two-level stud configuration that includes 13 large conical and five small conical studs.

However, while it's certain that Nike will launch the first Next-Gen Nike Magista 2 boots paint job as HG version (Hard Ground - designed for hard, dry, natural surfaces), there are several aspects that are not certain yet. First, it is not known if the launch colorway of the Nike Magista 2 soccer boot will be only available as HG version in Japan, and if the HG version will be ever launched globally or just in much more countries.

But there are also a few aspects that are certain. First, the next-generation Nike Magista 2 Hard Ground boots will be available in Europe at least from early 2017, and, even more importantly, Nike will also release HG versions of the Hypervenom, Mercurial and Tiempo boots from 2017. It also likely that the HG cleats will be available in more countries around the globe such as Australia, China and the United States, and it is also certain that you can get your hands on at least three outsole versions of the next-generation Nike Magista boot from the beginning - FG (Firm Ground), AG (Artificial Grass) and SG-Pro (Soft Ground).

Will you get your hands on the Hard Ground Next-Gen Nike Magista boot? Let us know in the comments below.