Palermo 16-17 Kits Released

Italian club USC Palermo today officially released the new Palermo 2016-17 home, away and third kits at Palermo's iconic Teatro Massimo. The new Palermo 16-17 jerseys are once again made by Spanish brand Joma.

Palermo 16-17 Home Kit

This is the new Palermo 2016-2017 home shirt.

The new Palermo 16-17 home kit comes in the club's traditional pale pink and combines it with applications in black and gold, most notably on the collar. An embossed print on the upper front of the Palermo 2016-17 shirt draws inspiration from the wings of the eagle present in the club crest.

Palermo 16-17 Away Kit

This is the new Palermo 2016-17 away jersey by Joma.

Predominantly white, the Palermo 16-17 away kit has a pink collar with black trim at the front. Additionally, a stripe that consists of two identically sized pink and black bands with a slimmer golden one in between, is visible on the left chest of the Palermo 2016-17 away shirt.

Palermo 16-17 Third Kit

This image shows the new Palermo 2016-17 third shirt.

Like last season, the new Palermo third kit features the iconic USC Palermo crest from the 1980s. This time, the old badge is used in a black-and-gold design, while it's present in the form of an embossed print on the lower part of the shirt as well.

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