PAOK 16-17 Kits Released

Greek club PAOK and its shirt supplier, Italy-based Macron today released the new PAOK 16-17 home, away and third kits. The PAOK 2016-2017 jerseys feature sportingbet as sponsor.

PAOK 16-17 Home Kit

This is the new PAOK home shirt, by Macron.

Boasting a very classic design overall, the new PAOK 16-17 kit features the club's iconic black-and-white striping, both on the front and the sleeves. The back is black for most part, in order to allow for better legibility of player names and numbers. Completing the sleek look of the PAOK 2016-17 home jersey are a thin golden line on each shoulder and a traditional collar.

PAOK 16-17 Away Kit

Made by Macron, this is the new PAOK 2016-17 away jersey.

Featuring the same collar as the home shirt, the PAOK 2016-2017 away shirt is white with subtle hoops on front and back. On the sleeves, the hoops become opaque black.

PAOK 16-17 Third Kit

This is the new PAOK 2016-2017 third shirt.

Last but not least, the new PAOK third kit introduces a more modern style than the other two. It features a gradient from navy towards a brighter shade of blue on the front and back, while the sleeve are solid navy.

Do you like the new PAOK 16-17 home, away and third kits? Let us know in the comments below.