Rejected Valencia 16-17 Home & Away Kits Pop up on

As we've been made aware, two interesting, never-seen-before Valencia kits recently appeared on Adidas' official online store. Although they have since been removed, we can confirm the authenticity. The 'real' Valencia 16-17 kits are currently only available to buy through the club itself.

Valencia 16-17 Home Kit - Prototype

First off, the Valencia 2016-2017 home shirt, which popped up on and has since been removed, is almost identical to what was released by the Three Stripes and the Spanish club earlier this month. Actually, the only difference between the two jersey is the presence of black detailing on the 'real' version, where the prototype is only white and orange.

Valencia 16-17 Away Kit - Prototype

The away kit is definitely the more interesting one of the two - where the released Valencia 2016-17 away shirt is black with orange trim, the supposedly rejected kit inverts this color scheme. Predominantly orange, it features black trim and brandings. It has a v-collar and otherwise comes with all the characteristics present on the released Valencia 2016-2017 kits.

Interestingly, you maybe remember our first leak of the colors of the Valencia away shirt actually mentioned it would be orange and black - looks like it was scrapped last minute.

Do you prefer these versions of the Valencia 16-17 kits or those that were released officially? Let us know in the comments below.