White / Gold Adidas X Stellar Pack 2016-2017 Boots Released

The Adidas X 2016-2017 Stellar Pack Football Boots introduce a stunning white and golden look. Released on September 23, 2016, the white and gold Adidas X 2016-2017 Cleats form part of the new Stellar Pack.

Adidas X 16.1 - White / Black / Gold Metallic

This is the Adidas X Stellar Pack Boot.

Featuring a white and golden upper, the Adidas X 2016 Stellar Soccer Boots are designed for the players who want a boot that stands out. The mainly white Adidas X 16.1 Stellar Pack Boot comes with black and golden design elements and a unique graphic pattern on the heel area.

From a tech point of view, the Adidas X Stellar Pack Soccer Boots are just the same as the standard edition featuring a techfit collar, a knitted upper and a lightweight sole plate.

Retailing at the same price as usual, the Adidas X 16.1 Stellar Pack 2016-2017 Boots will hit stores on September 30, 2016, for approximately 200 Euro (200 USD, 160 GBP). They could be a limited edition release.

What do you think of the Stellar Pack Adidas X Boots? Let us know in the comments below and check out also the Adidas X PureChaos Stellar Pack Edition.