Closer Look | New 2016-17 Premier League Captain Armband Revealed

Update: We've added the first high-res picture of the new PL armabnd after the new 2016-17 Premier League captain armband was already debuted last weekend (last season's captain armband in the first round of the new PL season).

2016-17 Premier League Captain Armband

With the new Premier League season kicking off yesterday, it also meant that we finally got a look at things such as the new referee uniforms, scoreboard as well as the captain armbands.

2015-16 Premier League Captain Armband - Used in First Matches

Looking identical to the previous captain armband, the Premier League 2016-2017 captain armband comes with the league's famous blue and white design. The armband is again remarkably small, and it even looks like that the logo still comes with the old logo and has not changed at all.

Do you like the Premier League captain armband? Have you got a better image of it? Drop us a line below.