Adidas Unveils First 3D-Printed Sneakers

Adidas has announced that its first pair of 3d-printed shoes will go to select medal-winning athletes at the 2016 Olympics sponsored by the brand. The first athlete to receive a pair was New Zealand Women's rugby player Tyla Nathan-Wong, who won silver.

Adidas 3D-Printed Winners Shoe

This image shows the spectacular new 3d-printed Adidas shoes. (image via Complex)

The new 3d-printed Adidas sneakers boast a totally new, 3d-printed outsole that is directly connected to an also 3d-printed heel counter. For the upper, Adidas chose an new, breathable Primeknit. Fittingly, the laces of the so-called "3D-Printed Winners shoes" are colored in the respective color of the medal.

Amid concerns in regards to durability, Adidas confirmed the shoes were tested and approved for running of up to 10km. Adidas did not announce whether and when the 3d-printed shoes will go on sale to the general public.

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