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Andrea Pirlo Shows Off Custom Signature Nike Tiempo Boots

Update: Andrea Pirlo has returned to his special, limited-edition Nike Tiempo Legend boot. His edition features a custom text on the outstep, while it's the same as the regular edition apart from that.

Andrea Pirlo Returns to Signature Nike Tiempo Boots

Close-up with Pirlo's previously mysterious boots, worn in yesterday's match against FC Dallas by the Italian legend.


The Italian midfielder, who got his own vineyard, was wearing the Merlot, Sail and Metallic Vivid Gold Nike Tiempo Legend VI Special Edition already two weeks ago, ahead of the official release last week.

Andrea Pirlo in Friday's match against DC United

What exactly has Andrea Pirlo been wearing in this weekend's match against Orlando City? The legendary midfielder laced up in an one-of-a-kind black-reddish Nike Tiempo boot yesterday that looks different to any official colorway Nike released yet, at least at first glance.

Andrea Pirlo's Shows Off Custom Nike Tiempo Legend Boots

This is the boot worn by Andrea Pirlo.

The boots worn by Andrea Pirlo seem to be based on the black, white and golden Nike Tiempo Legend 2016 colorway, while they boast a strange reddish upper glance. But as Andrea Pirlo's boots are not the same as the black, white and golden cleat and so it remains his secret for now what exactly he was wearing.

Andrea Pirlo previously wore a standard version of the Nike Tiempo Legend Euro 2016 boots.

Do you know what exactly Andrea Pirlo was wearing (Kaka laced up in blackout Mizuno Morelia boots for those asking)? Let us know in the comments below.