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Nike Unlimited Future Squad Revealed

What if Nike's best young German footballers would come together to build a squad? While the squad logically does not contain as many superstars as Nike's Elite Squad, Nike's best eleven from young German footballers is anything but a bad team. So which players make Nike's'Unlimited Future Squad'?

Nike Unlimited Future Squad

These are the 15 players of Nike's 'Unlimited Future Squad'.

The Nike German youth team is not dominated by players from one club but includes professionals from various different teams of Europe, such as Bayern Munich's Joshua Kimmich, Man City's Leroy Sane and Köln's Timo Horn. It's a mixture of the squad of the 2016 Olympics team and the players who already made in in German's senior team.

Nike Elite Squad

What do you think would be the score between Nike's Elite squad and Nike's Unlimited Future team? Let us know what you guess in the comments below.