Sergio Ramos to Join Adidas - Spain Defender Follows Adidas on Instagram

Update #3: Sergio Ramos has further ignited the rumor mill by following Adidas and Adidas Football on Instagram. Playing for Spain against Liechtenstein, he was again spotted wearing blacked-out Nike Tiempo boots.

Update #2: Sergio Ramos continued to wear blacked-out Adidas boots in the build-up to Wednesday's friendly against Belgium. Meanwhile, a better picture from Spain training has emerged (via @ConorMoyles), all but proving that Ramos' boots are indeed all-black Adidas X 16.1.

Update: Sergio Ramos joined Spain's training ahead of Thursday's friendly against Belgium wearing cleats that are almost surely blackout Adidas X 16.1 PureChaos leather boots (due to the image quality it is not 100% possible to declare which boots he wore - they are still 'mysterious' until better images emerge) after he debuted custom blacked-out Nike Tiempo Legend cleats this weekend against Celta creating rumors that he could leave the Swoosh after several years.

Ramos to Join Adidas? Sergio Ramos Has Very Likely Trained in Blackout Adidas X PureChaos Boots

Close-up with the boots that could be the first indicator what's the brand future for Sergio Ramos.

It is possible that Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos will say goodbye to Nike after several years. After the Spanish international was spotted wearing the low-cut next-gen speed boots during yesterday's Real Madrid's training session before today's match against Celta, he totally surprisingly laced up in blackout boots today...

Sergio Ramos Debuts Blackout Nike Tiempo Boots

Sergio Ramos' boots are custom blacked-out Nike Tiempo Legend VI Euro 2016 boots.

Sergio Ramos Spotted in Nike Mercurial Vapor XI

Sergio Ramos has been wearing the Nike Tiempo Legend boots for several years now, while he switched to the Nike Mercurial Vapor Euro 2016 launch paint job in Real Madrid's training before wearing blackout boots in the match.

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