UPDATE: Steven Gerrard To Switch Boot Silos?

Update #2: Steven Gerrard has been spotted wearing Adidas' Stellar Pack Ace as he was on the bench in the match against Real Salt Lake after he previously surprisingly lace up in Adidas X Stellar Pack cleats .

Update: Steven Gerrard, who trained for the first time with LA Galaxy's team after an injury today, has been spotted wearing Adidas' X PureChaos soccer cleat, indicating a switch to the chaos silo after he was one of the first players to wear the Stellar Pack Ace. He could debut the X silo in the first play-off match of the season against Real Salt Lake.

Steven Gerrard to Switch to Adidas X PureChaos Boots

Steven Gerrard has never worn Adidas' X cleats in an official match yet.

What has Steven Gerrard been wearing in this weekend's match against Vancouver Whitecaps? The famous midfielder laced up in a stunning white, black and golden Adidas Ace boot on Saturday that is different to any official Ace edition Adidas released yet.

Steven Gerrard's Shows Off Unreleased Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit Stellar Pack Boots

This is the boot worn by Steven Gerrard.

The boots worn by Steven Gerrard are not modified by the former England international (stated by Soccer Bible in this week's Boot Spotting) but just the unreleased white, black and golden Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit soccer cleats from the Stellar Pack.

Steven Gerrard previously wore the leather version of the Adidas Ace Euro 2016 boots, while he will not lace up in his white and golden boots soon again as he is out with a hamstring injury for a few weeks.

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