No Nike in The End - Puma Signs New Uruguay Kit Deal

Update #4: Puma has extended its Uruguay kit deal to make the jerseys of the South American country until at least 2023. The new deal, which is three times higher than that what Puma paid previously (24 million USD for seven years), also includes bonuses for good results in the World Cup and the Copa America.

Puma Extends Uruguay Kit Deal Until 2023

Uruguay x Nike.

Update #3 Uruguayan newspaper Ovación this week reported that Tenfield, who holds the rights to market Uruguay's shirt until December 31, informed the Uruguayan football federation that Puma will match the offer by Nike in order to continue to make the jerseys of the South American country.

Puma Equals Nike Offer, But It's Still Likely That Nike Will Make Uruguay's Kits from 2017

However, as there was already a vote that decided that Nike would become Uruguay's jersey supplier, Ignacio Alonso from Uruguay's football federation said that "we (the Executive Council) will pass this to the area of legal advisers and they will tell us what we must demand to ratify the intention of the note presented by Tenfield to match the offer Nike." More is expected to follow in the coming days.

Update #2: Uruguayan media is reporting that Nike won the vote to become the national team's new kit supplier, by 10 votes to 9.

Update: Uruguay's football federation has postponed the vote to decide if Nike becomes become the new kit supplier of the Albiceste until Tuesday. Juventud de Las Piedras, a team who have a contract with current rights holder Tenfield, left the room and declined to participate in the vote.

Uruguay's Football Federation will decide this night if they will go apart with long-term shirt supplier Puma and accept the offer from US-giant Nike, which is 5 times higher than Puma's offer according to Uruguayan newspaper Ovación.

Nike to Become Uruguay's kit supplier from 2017

Uruguay x Nike.

The German company Puma will be the supplier of Uruguay's shirt until 31 December 2016, while on the first day of 2017 the situation will change as the Uruguayan Football Federation will get the right back to look for a new shirt supplier. This right currently belongs to Tenfield, who granted the concession to Puma.

Nike offers the Uruguayan football federation 24 million USD for seven years, while it's reported that Puma just offers 5 million USD for seven years. To decide whether Nike or Puma will become Uruguay's new jersey supplier, there will be a vote tonight with 19 votes, from which 16 belong to the first division clubs who will also get a share from the money received from the deal.

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