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Top 100 AC Milan 17-18 Third Kits Revealed

Bayern, Juventus, Man Utd, Flamengo, Milan and Real Madrid's 2017-18 third kits could be designed by fans of the clubs through Adidas' Creator Studio, and now the brand announced the Top 100 of each club after fans voted for the favorites. We take a look at some of the stunning Top 100 AC Milan 2017-2018 designs.

AC Milan 17-18 Third Kit - Possible Designs

Check out some of the best AC Milan 2017-18 third kit proposals below.

Adidas chose a black-and-red base for the AC Milan 2017-18 third kit. The shorts and socks of the Milan 17-18 third kit, which are not available to customize, are also black and red, with the latter featuring a 'Milan' writing on the front.

Just like with the other teams, it's fair to assume that the final design of the AC Milan 2017-2018 third kit will be streamlined by Adidas and possibly adjusted to fit the brand's templates. The final design of the new Milan third jersey is set to be selected in early January 2017.

Which of the possible designs of the next AC Milan third jersey shown in this post do you like the most? Share your thoughts below.