Adidas Launches Tango Squad

With the help of some of its best players like Toni Kroos and Paul Pogba, Adidas Football has launched "Tango Squad", a service that allows fans of the brand to "be in the know" and "wear the latest Adidas gear before anyone else".

Adidas Tango Squad

Watch the video feat. Kroos, Pogba and many more below.

Do you have what it takes to join the tango squad?
Be the first in the know in your city. Get up close to the best players in the world and wear the latest adidas gear before anyone else.
All the latest news and hottest invites direct to your phone. Have you got what it takes to be fastest?

Dabbing seems to be obligatory. In case you are interested in any of these things, you can join the Tango Squad via Adidas, and stay tuned for more updates as we're sure there will be aplenty.

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