Adidas Ditches Chelsea 16-17 Champions League Anthem Jacket

Update: Adidas has removed the 2016-2017 Chelsea 'UCL Anthem Jacket' from their online store after we reported about their mistake. It is expected that the jacket will be available soon for a fridge of the original price in Adidas outlets around the globe.

Set to be worn by the team before of cup matches, the new Chelsea Anthem jacket introduces a modern design in black and blue.

Adidas Chelsea 16-17 Anthem Jacket

The new Chelsea Anthem jacket is labeled as Chelsea UCL Anthem Jacket.

Featuring almost the same design as the new Manchester Anthem 16-17 tracksuit, Chelsea 2016-2017 Anthem Jacket is black and blue while the only difference is that the Chelsea Anthem Jacket does not feature the Champions League logo on the right chest.

However, whereas Chelsea failed to qualify for the UEFA Champions League, Adidas sold the jacket as 'Chelsea UCL Anthem Jacket' on their website and even showed a close-up picture of a prototype jacket with the Champions League logo on it.

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