Surprise | Paul Pogba Returns to Adidas Ace PureControl Pogbance Boots

Update: Paul Pogba has surprisingly switched back to the black and golden Adidas Ace Pogbance boots that Adidas released in March 2016 to celebrate that the back then Juventus star joined the Three Stripes.

Paul Pogba Wears Viper Pack Boots Just in Two Matches

Paul Pogba laced up in his custom Viper Pack boots in two matches only - against Man City and Feyenoord.

Today's clash against Manchester City will not only be Pogba's first Manchester Derby, it will be also the first that the French midfielder will lace up in the PureControl boots from the Viper Pack. But not only that, Adidas even created a custom 'Manchester United' Paul Pogba edition of the laceless Adidas Ace PureControl Viper Pack.

Paul Pogba, who laced up in the standard Solar Yellow Adidas Ace PureControl boots until last week, will become the first high-profile Adidas player to wear the Adidas Ace PureControl Viper Pack cleats.

Pogba Shows Off Custom Adidas Ace PureControl

Boasting the design of the Adidas Ace PureControl Viper Pack boot, Paul Pogba's Adidas Ace PureControl Viper Pack edition comes with a red heel tap and red details on the upper part of the tongue-less design. Apart from that modification, there are the same as the regular edition.

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