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Is Joma's new Champion Max Just a Copy of the Adidas X?

Joma has recently updated its football boot offering. And while the brand has been known to produce original designs, the new Joma Champion Max barely tries to hide its Adidas inspiration.

Joma Champion Max

This image shows the new Joma Champion Max boot.

Combining a black base with white and golden applications, the upper of the Joma Champion Max is quite obviously inspired by last year's Adidas X 15 - even including the latter's trademark 'X cage' which is somewhat replicated.

This is where similarities (with that Adidas boot) stop however. The sole plate of the Joma Champion Max 2016 soccer cleats quite clearly looked at another Adidas model, the 2014 Adizero, for inspiration.

Joma Champion Max - Features

  • Weight: 162 gr (5.7 oz)
  • Ultralight and breathable microfiber upper
  • New 'Unique Large Technology' sole plate

Already available, the Joma Champion Max football boos have a RRP of €125 (£90).

Blatant copy or just coincidence? Share your thoughts on the new Joma Champion Max below.