Liverpool 16-17 Third Training Kit Released

Following up on the rather reserved regular home and away training kits, Liverpool's striking new third training range, inspired by the 'toxic green' playing kit, is now available.

Liverpool 16-17 Third Pre-Match Shirt

Based on the same template as the red pre-match top that was launched earlier, the Liverpool 2016-17 third pre-match jersey is bright green with a subtle all-over print, a red line on each side of the collar and black brandings.

Liverpool 2016-2017 Third Training Jersey

Also employing this possibly most striking of colors, the Liverpool 16-17 third training shirt combines it with black detailing on the shoulders and cuffs, a red line on each side and black logos.

In addition, a color-inverted version is available to be worn by Jürgen Klopp's coaching team.

Share your thoughts on the garish new Liverpool 16-17 third training range below.
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