Next-Gen Adidas Ace 17.1 Primeknit V1 Prototype Boots Leaked

Around three months ahead of the official release, an image of a 'V1' 2017 Adidas Ace 17.1 boots has been leaked. The Adidas Ace 17.1 Primeknit soccer boots are expected to be unveiled in late 2016.

Blackout Adidas Ace 17.1 Primeknit V1 Prototype Boots

This image shows the all-new 2017 generation of the Adidas Ace soccer cleat. (images via @pjimenez71)

The next-gen Adidas Ace 17.1 2017 Primeknit football shoes feature a unique upper structure, while the most interesting element apart from the engraved V1 is the red-and-black sock-like collar.

The outstep of the Adidas Ace 17.1 comes with an engraved V1 to indicate that this is version 1 prototype. There are two further blackout versions of the cleats. A V2 version and a final version, while there are no pictures of those boots available, unfortunately).

The sole plate of the blackout Adidas Ace 2017 V1 prototype football boots is similar to that of the 2016 Adidas Ace 16 cleats, featuring a conical studs and an external heel counter.

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