Next-Gen Umbro Velocita 2017 Prototype Boots Leaked

Update: Earlier than expected, the third-gen Umbro Velocita boots will be released in the next days. For their debut, Umbro has opted for a white, green and red colorway that highlights the cleats' changed features.

We have received the first photo showing off the the third generation of the highly anticipated Umbro Velocita soccer boot in a prototype version. The next-gen Umbro Velocita 2017 is set to be released in November 2016.

Umbro Velocita 3 Prototype

This image shows the Umbro Velocita 1 2017 boot in a prototype version.

The Umbro Velocita 2017 prototype is completely blackout, while the standout feature are therefore the tech facts such as the all-new upper construction.

After the last generation featured a traditional tongue, the third-gen Umbro Velocita cleats comes with a tongue-less construction that is very similar to the one of the Adidas X 15.1 cleats. Apart from that, the new Umbro Velocita boots are very similar to the two previous generations of Umbro's speed silo. Designed to offer ultimate speed, the Umbro Velocita 3 2017 cleat again comes with a three layer upper construction (which is much more flexible than those of the previous generations) and a heat welded TPU outer layer, while the outsole is the same as before.

The Umbro Velocita football boots will retail at a slightly higher price than the previous generation (~240 USD), while this prototype will be not available, logically.

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