Peñarol 2016 125-Years Anniversary Kit Released

Famous Uruguayan club Peñarol revealed a special kit yesterday to commemorate the 125-years anniversary of the club. The Club Atlético Peñarol 2016 125-Years Anniversary jersey will be debuted against Juventud on Sunday.

Peñarol officially celebrates their 125th birthday on September 28. "Peñarol was founded on 1913, although the origins of Club Atletico Peñarol can be traced back to 28 September 1891 when employees of the Central Uruguay Railway Company established the Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club (CURCC) of Montevideo, with the purpose of stimulating the practice of cricket, rugby football and "other male sports" (literal from the Spanish)." (via Wikipedia).

Club Atlético Peñarol 2016 125-Years Anniversary Jersey

This is the new Peñarol 2016 Anniversary kit by Puma.

Combining the traditional colors black and yellow, the new Peñarol 2016 125-Years Anniversary strip boasts a half and half design instead of the classic vertical stripes. It features a classic Polo collar as well as a special logo on the right chest that identifies the club's founder, the Central Uruguay Railway Company.

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