Revealed: Chrome Paint Of Under Armour Metallic 20th Anniversary Boots Will Chip

The stunning chrome effect of the Under Armour Metallic 20th Anniversary Clutchfit and Spotlight will pull off, it was revealed today. Let's get straight into the details.

Chrome Sole Plate Effect of Under Armour 20th Anniversary Boots to Pull Off

Under Armour added a warning on the sole plate that the chrome effect will split with use.

Football boot reviewer @football_boot_review posted the picture of Under Armour's label on the sole plate that reveals what many already expected as a similar chrome effect of Adidas' PureControl boots also pulls off with use.

However, while Adidas put a sticker on the bag of the product that states that the 'Chrome effect would wear off with use', Under Armour was a bit more fancy with their label. It reads: 'Battle Scars. If you're competing hard enough, the chrome paint of these cleats could chip. Wear them with pride.' There is no picture of the boot with a damaged sole plate yet.

Did you expect that these boots would have this problem? Let us know in the comments below.
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