Bolivia Player Shows Off Insane Adidas Boots vs Brazil

Yasmani Duk, Bolivia defender and responsible for elbowing Neymar during the game, surprised people with his unique choice of footwear earlier on.

Yasmani Duk's Adidas 'Adizero 5-Star' Boots

This is a close-up of the unique cleats worn by Duk.

What appeared to be, and was labeled by some as customized Adidas F50 adizero boots are in fact a regular colorway of the brand's 'adizero 5-Star 40 Uncaged model, designed for American Football.

Predominantly black, the adizero 5-Star cleats worn by Duk feature a shimmery outsole and 'Demon' graphic on the outstep that is continued over to the inside, where it's all flames, literally.

Adidas adizero 5-Star 40

Here are some product images of the unique football cleats worn by Yasmani Duk against Brazil.

Unveiled earlier this year, the Adidas adizero 5-Star 40 was supplied to participants of the 2016 NFL Combine, an event where college players perform tests in front of NFL coaches, managers and scouts. Adidas this year offered $1 million to whoever would break the record of the fastest 40-yard (36.6 m) sprint (4.24s, set by Chris Johnson in 2008). A quick Google search appears to confirm that nobody was able to win that prize yet.

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