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Closer Look: Here Are the Different Adidas Glitch 'Innershoes'

Having already taken a closer look at the all-new Adidas Glitch and in particular its outside and the so-called outerskin, let's find out what's up with the inner part of the customizable cleats, the 'innershoe'. In fact, this innershoe part of the Adidas Glitch is the more expensive of the two, retailing at €160 (£150) in comparison to the outerskins' price of €110 (£100).

Adidas Glitch Innershoe

Check out some pictures of the innershoe of the Adidas Glitch below (high variant).

Made of the flexible techfit material, the Adidas Glitch innershoe is available in four colors (black, blue, red, white) and two different heights - one of them akin to what's used on the Adidas X 16+ PureChaos and a higher one.

Designed to be used together with the different outerskins (a number of colors and two sole configurations are available), it will be crucial that the two parts of Adidas' cutting-edge Glitch cleats are connected firmly at all times.

As mentioned further earlier, these Adidas Glitch innershoes retail at €160 (£150) each and will be available to buy shortly, together with a number of fitting outerskins.

What do you think of the different innershoes available for the Adidas Glitch? Share your thoughts below.