Halloween in FIFA | FIFA 17 Ultimate Scream Started - Features Revealed

EA Sports are getting more inventive with the promotional offers at key events within the year. So for the next ten days from today, EA Sports will offer FIFA 17 Halloween promotions in FUT 17. While last year's 'Monster’s Ball' tournament had no Halloween themed entry requirements, it was nevertheless very well accepted by players as it included, amongst others, several pack offers. Halloween falls on October 31st this year, so FIFA Ultimate Scream will be valid from October 21st to October 31st.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Scream includes 23 different players who have been chosen based on exceptional real world performances, records and FUT attributes. These players will 'come alive' during the Halloween period (Oct 28 – Nov 1) get ratings boosts, making them utterly terrifying. On Nov 1st at 10am PDT the temporary boost ends and their ratings revert back to match their initially released upgrade.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Scream Kit

This is the special kit that players can likely win today.

Not only the exact features of FIFA 17 Ultimate Scream were revealed today, EA Sports has also showed off an exclusive FIFA 17 Ultimate Scream kit which will be likely winnable in a tournament later today.

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