Messi and Neymar Continue to Wear Old Boots

Update: Lionel Messi and Neymar continued to sport their old boots instead of their latest signature editions in today's La Liga cash against Valencia.

Messi and Neymar Continue to Wear Old Boots

Messi scored the winning goal against Valencia CF wearing his old blue signature cleats.

Both Leo Messi and Neymar recently received new signature boots from their suppliers to shine on Europe's biggest stage wearing brand-new boots. But while both the Argentian and Brazilian superstar stareted the match wearing the latest release, they both finished the game against Man City with old boots.

Messi and Neymar Switch to Old Boots in Half-Time

Both Messi and Neymar switched back to their previous cleats for the second half against Manchester City.

It was the first time for Neymar to wear his new boots at the Camp Nou, while Messi already debuted the Space Dust signature edition last weekend. But while everything went as planned for the Three Stripes and the Swoosh, Adidas and Nike officers were likely not the only ones who wondered why Messi and Neymar sported old boots in the second half, ditching the latest heavily promoted releases.

What do you think were the reasons for Messi and Neymar to switch boots at halftime? Drop us a line below.
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