Messi Trains in Space Dust Boots

For the first time since returning to training, Lionel Messi has trained in his recently launched 'Space Dust' soccer boots from Adidas. He, perhaps surprisingly, skipped the more outlandish '10/10' special-edition that dropped a few days earlier and will also wear the Adidas Messi 16.1 in the game against Deportivo this weekend.

Messi's Adidas Space Dust Boots

Here are a few close-ups of the Messi 16.1 boots worn by Lionel Messi in training.

Once again, Messi's very own boots are identical to what's being sold to the people. A stark contrast to past years where Messi would wear entirely custom cleats that were only disguised to look like Adidas' contemporary options. Now, everything about his Messi 16.1 Space Dust football boots is just like on the regular edition - upper, sole, even the laces.

Unfortunately, it looks like Messi will not wear the 10/10 limited-edition boots. Perhaps it makes sense though; he prefers the 16.1 version and the 10/10 'Kryptonite' was only launched as 16+ PureAgility.

Would you have liked to see Messi wear the eye-catching 10/10 edition? Drop us a line below.
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