Neymar to Debut Blackout / Red Nike Mercurial Vapor 11 Boots?

Update #4: Neymar has yet again trained in the blackout Nike Mercurial boots yesterday. This makes it possible that he will also wear the blackout boots, which feature striking red studs,, in today's La Liga match against Malaga.

Since the last update of this article, it is certain that Neymar will officially switch to the Mercurial soon and will also receive his first Mercurial signature boot. In case that he will debut the blackout Mercurial boots today, we could have seen Neymar's last match with Hypervenom boots in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers last week.

Neymar Trains in Blackout Nike Mercurial Vapor XI Boots

Close-up with Neymar's soccer cleats, which seem to feature a leather upper on some pictures.

Update #3: It looks like Neymar will return to the Nike Hypervenom boots from the Floodlights Pack. Still not the Jordan boots, though...

Update #2: Neymar has yet again trained in the blackout boots today that seem to be identical to the Nike Mercurial Vapor 11 as the new pictures reveal.

This also makes it quite likely that he will also wear the blackout boots in tomorrow's Champions League clash against City, while it is very uncertain that this means that he will leave the Swoosh as he just received signature boots, with which he was, to say at least, not very happy as he switched between boots regularly in the last few matches.

Has Neymar Received New Camouflaged Boots by Nike?

New close-up of Neymar's boots that are likely just blacked-out Mercurial Vapors.

Update: Neymar was back in the all-black mystery boots during Sunday morning's session. Do you know what he's wearing? Share your thoughts in the comments section below the post.

Upon returning to training on Thursday, Barcelona superstar Neymar was spotted wearing a pair of almost completely blacked out boots that were not immediately identified. So what exactly was he wearing and what could be the reason for him to switch?

Neymar Trains in Blackout Boots

This is a close-up of the soccer cleats worn by Neymar.

With Neymar being sponsored by Nike, the best guess for what he was wearing must be the Mercurial Vapor XI, for a number of reasons. This includes the low cut, the visible ridges on the sides of the boots and the way the laces are set. Also, the sole plate, the only part of the boots that was not blacked out, actually matches the Floodlights Pack colorway.

As Neymar is switching back and forth between different colorways of his very own Mercurial-like camouflaged Nike Hypervenom boots, it comes as a surprise he has trained with what appears to be a regular-edition Mercurial Vapor XI. We'll keep an eye on this, but right now it's most likely that it doesn't mean anything, and Neymar's future with Nike should probably not be put in doubt.

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