Happy Birthday, Zlatan | Ibrahimović's Unique Boot History

Zlatan Ibrahimović celebrates his 35th birthday today. And while we recently already took a detailed look at the boots worn by Francesco Totti during his career to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Roma legend, we decided to take a closer look at the boot story of Swedish striker Ibrahimović, who is set to enter the last stage of his extraordinary career.

Zlatan Ibrahimović's Boot Brands - From Puma to Adidas and Up to Nike

Zlatan Ibrahimović started his senior career in 1999 at Swedish club Malmö wearing Nike Tiempo Premier cleats, while he soon made the switch to Puma and their iconic King boot. When he joined Ajax in 2001, who were already supplied by Adidas, he switched to the Adidas Copa Mundial before signing a deal with US-giant Nike in 2004 ahead of the Euro. He since then wore the Nike Mercurial boot, and also became one of the main faces of Nike's speed boot.

It Seemed Likely that Zlatan Ibrahimović Would Leave Nike After 10 Years in 2014

However, in late 2014, rumors emerged that Zlatan Ibrahimovic would leave Nike after he laced up in blackout Adidas F50 Adizero and Mercurial boots before he switched back to branded Mercurial boots in 2015.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Launches Own Sportswear Brand

In Summer 2016, Zlatan Ibrahimovic launched his own sportswear brand in a joint venture with Varner, a Norwegian clothing giant. Called A-Z, Ibrahimovic's brand is all about the rise from the bottom to the top through hard work and endurance.

In terms of football boots, however, Zlatan Ibrahimovic still laces up in Nike's Mercurial Vapor soccer cleat, while he was also spotted with Adidas' X boots in this year's Euro. It is not known if the Swedish superstar is still under contract with Nike, which is, to say at least, not unlikely.

Unique player, unique boot timeline. What's your all-time favorite boot worn by Zlatan Ibrahimović? Let us know in the comments below.