Insane Adidas Glitch 'Camouflage' Boots Revealed

Courtesy of boot collector Derek Lyon, we have received the best look yet at the most rare edition of the Adidas Glitch there is. Nicknamed the 'Erlkönig' (German for a disguised prototype) by Adidas employees, this specific Glitch outer skin boasts is similar to what Chelsea youngster Charlie Colkett wore back in September.

Adidas Glitch 'Camouflage' - Core Black / White

This is the unique camouflage colorway of the Adidas Glitch.

Based on the leather version of the Adidas Glitch, they are black with an apparently random graphic print all across the synthetic part of the upper. Techfit collar / inner shoe and the kangaroo leather in the forefoot are solid black, creating a boot that's unique to say the least.

Unlike the other, more usual Adidas Glitch outer skins, this one is not available to purchase through the Glitch app and this isn't something that will change in the future.

Would you like to get your hand on the Adidas Glitch camouflage edition? Drop us a line below.