What If? Adidas Predator x Boost Concepts

Graphic artist mbroidered last year came up with three unique concept designs that married Adidas' iconic Predator football boots with street-ready soles.

Although these weren't created recently, it's important to note that mbroidered was since hired by Adidas and we've seen some of his earlier concept work, such as the PureControl Ultra Boost, come to life under that collaboration. We might well see a Predator Boost mashup in the future...

Adidas Predator x Boost Concepts

Check out all three of the concepts below.

Mbroidered's concepts combine three iconic Adidas Predator football boots with different contemporary sneaker soles employed by the Three Stripes, creating timeless mashups that would be immensely popular amongst a certain demographic.

Which of the above Adidas Predator concept sneakers would you like to see realized the most? Drop us a line below.
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