Did Neymar Just Tease His New Nike Mercurial Boots?

Just over two hours ago, Neymar posted a short and interesting video to his official Instagram.

Showing him pointing his finger at something in his left hand, hidden behind what appears to be a hand-drawn 🔥 (Fire) emoji and accompanied by a mysterious caption, it could mean that new Nike Neymar soccer boots are on the way.

Tem que ser veloz, logo mais @nikefootball / Got to be quick, up to something with @nikefootball

Ein von Nj 🇧🇷 👻 neymarjr (@neymarjr) gepostetes Video am

Neymar has been wearing blacked-out Nike Mercurial Vapor XI boots on and off in training in order to prepare his switch from the Hypervenom.

We've confirmed that he'll switch but can't yet say when this move will take place exactly. It could be next summer, it could be when the third generation of the Hypervenom drops in February - but it could be even sooner as well. El Clásico is on in the first week of December and one can barely imagine a bigger stage to transmit this important piece of news.

Whatever this teaser is about exactly, we'll know what Nike and Neymar are up to in a minute. The caption reads "Got to be quick, up to something with @nikefootball".

What do you think this is all about? Drop us a line below.
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