Here Is Which Football Boots Justin Bieber Wears

Have you ever wondered what celebrities wear when they play football? Footballers are often inspired by stars such as Justin Bieber if they choose their off-pitch outfit, and so it's no wonder that a star such as Justin Bieber also opts for one of the most popular and likely most advanced football boots on the market.

Justin Bieber Joins FC Barcelona Training Wearing Adidas Ace PureControl Boots

Neymar was back again in his blackout Nike Mercurial Vapor boots against Bieber...

As one might expect him to wear Nike boots given the brand's status as Barcelona jersey supplier and with Bieber not linked to any brand anymore as his Adidas contract officially ended two years, Bieber actually opted for Adidas' Ace 16+ PureControl model, in the 'Solar Yellow' colorway from the July 2016 'Speed of Light' pack, while he wore Adidas' latest, unreleased black, white and red Ace Trans Zones keeper gloves. Now whether he borrowed a pair of spare cleats from Ivan Rakitic or if there's more behind the selection we don't know, so we will leave this question up to you.

Do you think that Bieber will rejoin Adidas? Let us also know in the comments below what you think of his boot choice.