José Mourinho Shows Off Ultra-Classy Limited Edition Adidas Porsche Boots

Update: José Mourinho has again laced up in the stunning black and golden limited-edition Adidas Porsche football boots.

Manchester United coach José Mourinho is well-known for wearing custom, classy and unreleased Adidas boots. And while he hasn't laced up in very interesting Adidas boots in the past few months, he stood out in yesterday's training wearing a ultra-classy pair of Adidas football boots.

José Mourinho Laces Up in Adidas Porsche Boots

Close-up pictures of Mourinho's boots.

Released in March 2015 and limited to just 1,500 editions, the limited edition Adidas Porsche Sport Design soccer cleat worn by Mourinho draws inspiration from Porsche's most famous car, the Porsche 911 with a classy black and golden design. The boot features a K-leather upper, while the sole plate is the same as the one known from the Adidas Messi boots.

Have you spotted other coaches wearing such interesting football boots? Let us know in the comments below and see more of Mourinho's unique boots.
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