Laceless Next-Gen Ace Boots... Bundesliga Star Scores Goal With Socks - Almost

If you watched Bundesliga's 'Nordderby' between Hamburg and Bremen on Saturday, you almost would have seen history being made as Austrian international Michael Gregoritsch was close to score the first-ever Bundesliga goal with just a sock.

Michael Gregoritsch Looses Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl Boots Before Scoring Almost His Third Goal of the Evening

Gregoritsch, who had already scored two goals in that match, lost his boot in a duel with Werder Bremen's Bargfrede in the 61th minute. But instead of stopping playing and get his boots on again, the striker kept the laceless Adidas Ace PureControl 17+ soccer boots in his left hand and tried to score his third goal of the afternoon, which only slightly failed. There are some question that arise. Would the goal have counted? Does a laceless football boot is as good as one with laces in terms of lockdown? And what does the striker thinks about this incidence?

First of all, Gregoritsch's goal would have counted as German's DFB has just changed the rule that players who loose their shin pads or soccer cleats can continue to play until the next break (players were previously forced to get their boots on immediately and would have not been allowed to continue playing with socks).

However, the actual and more important question for us if the laceless, brand-new next-gen Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl boots offer as much lockdown as traditional boots with laces. While it's sure that Adidas' boots are match-ready, we still think that they can't offer as much lockdown even if Adidas customizes the boots for their best players individually to make them fit perfectly. Here is what Gregoritsch said: "Then I thought, when I get them, I'll make history".

Have you ever lost your boot during a match? Let us also know in the comments below if you think that the laceless Ace boot offers as much lockdown as boots with laces.
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