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Premier League to Introduce Sleeve Sponsors

Update: The Mirror yesterday evening confirmed their exclusive report that Premier League teams will have sponsor logos from next season, with each club able to sign an exclusive sponsor deal. However, two clubs are not able to sign a sleeve sponsorship deal as their main sponsor deal does not allow them to do so. Sporting Group International have negotiated with eight clubs to sell an aggregated shirt sleeve sponsorship deal.

Premier League Clubs to Get Sleeve Sponsor - At Least Eight Clubs Sign Aggregated Sponsorship Deal

"It's the first time in EPL history the sleeve can be sold and, hopefully, it will be the first time that one brand has been seen on multiple shirts from potentially eight to 10 clubs," said Sporting Group International CEO Adrian Wright.

Original article - November 2016: The Premier League kits will feature sleeve sponsors from the start of the 2017-18 season according to recent reports. Clubs have already started negotiating deals, the Mirror reports.

Premier League Sleeve Sponsors From 2017-18

The new sponsor logos will appear on the right sleeve of the Premier League 17-18 kits, with one of the currently two eague sleeve patches being removed. Clubs will be free to choose any sponsor they want for the new sleeve logo slot, solely depending on their other sponsorship agreements and the implications that come with them.

The report estimates the value of the sleeve sponsor logo at around 20% of the primary slot on the front of the shirt. This means that the new Premier League sleeve sponsor could be worth up to £10m for Manchester United, which receives £47m per year from Chevrolet.

Although they are free to sign any sponsor for the new sleeve slot, "at least two" unnamed Premier League clubs won't be able to introduce sleeve sponsors next season due to exclusivity agreements with their main sponsors. About half of those who are able to are expected to close deals for next season. Clubs are expected to first look at existing partners already in an attempt to expand ongoing sponsorships.

Additionally, it's reported that around 10 clubs, presumably of a lower profile, are looking to sign a collective deal.

Who would you like to see sponsor the sleeve of your favorite Premier League team from next season? Drop us a line below.