Spanish Club Releases INSANE Ham Kit for Atlético Cup Clash

Update: CD Guijuelo, Spanish third division team famous for its 'Ham' away kit, has released another special ham edition version of their green home kit after they also revealed a special shirt two weeks ago for the first leg. While the latter was not worn in the first leg in the end, the third Guijuelo ham kit of the season was debuted in yesterday's Copa del Rey clash with Atlético Madrid.

CD Guijuelo Debuts Special Ham Home Kit in Atlético Cup Match

This is the kit CD Guijuelo wore yesterday.

Based on their regular home shirt, the special Guijuelo ham jersey comes with a large ham printed over the watermark of El Torreón, the apse of a Gothic church built in Guijuelo in the 15th century.

Spanish Segunda División B team CD Guijuelo, world-famous for its 'Ham' kits, has released a special-edition uniform for its Copa del Rey clash with Atlético Madrid next week.

CD Guijuelo Kit for Atlético Cup Match

This is the special-edition jersey worn by Guijuelo against Atlético Madrid.

Inspired by the aforementioned Ham kit, the CD Guijuelo jersey to face Atlético is split between the ham design and Atlético's famous red and white stripes. In addition, the match details are written on the front of the shirt, together with large Guijuelo and Atlético logos. A truly unique kit.

The first leg of the cup encounter between Guijuelo and Atlético Madrid will be played on November 30 in Guijuelo. The return is set to be played in Madrid in December.

Produced by Daen, a small local brand, the CD Guijuelo half-and-half shirt can be purchased for a mere €19.

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