2016 Footy Headlines Boot Awards - Adidas Wins Most Innovative Football Brand Award

Update - Results: More than 1,500 have voted for the most innovative soccer brand of the year, and the results are no surprise. Adidas has managed to gain 65% of all votes, while Nike reached 515 votes 32%) All other brands together have reached less than 3% of all votes.

Adidas Is the Most Innovative Football Brand of 2016

The Adidas Glitch is one of the most innovative soccer boots ever released.

With the end of the year in sight, we summarize up what brought us the year in terms of football boot brands. And after we already asked you what was the most innovative, worst and best football boot, respectively, we now ask you what was the most innovative football boot brand of the year.

Most Innovative Football Boot Brand of The Year

Here are some of the most innovative boots and technologies of the year - ranging from Adidas' laceless boots to Nike's Anti Clog technology.

2016 brought us three main innovations, two from Adidas (Laceless Adidas Ace PureControl, Adidas Glitch - football boot with interchangeable parts) and one from Nike (Ant-Clog technology). However, while Adidas' two big innovations made the headlines this year, Nike's Anti-Clog technology is likely the biggest improvement for football players as the last few weeks showed. Apart from Adidas and Nike, all other brands did not invent anything all-new, but nevertheless released some great boots such as the evoTOUCH (Puma), the Medusae (Umbro) and the Spotlight (Under Armour).

Which Was The Most Innovative Football Boot Brand of 2016?

Under Armour

What was the most innovative boot brand of the year? Have we missed any game-chancing innovations of other brands? Let us know in the comments below.