2016 Footy Headlines Boot Awards - Under Armour Wins Worst Football Boot Award

Update - Results: Almost 4,000 of you have voted for the worst soccer cleat of the year. And while boots from Adidas gained the most votes in total (Almost 2,000), Under Armour's Speedform Tutti Frutti Memphis Depay soccer cleat was by far the most unpopular soccer cleat with 1,496 votes.

Under Armour Tutti Frutti Depay Boot Is Your Worst Football Year of 2016

Here is the boot that was designed for Dutch striker Memphis Depay.

With the end of the year in sight, we summarize up what brought us the year in terms of football boots. We let choose the fans the most outstanding soccer cleats of the year with the 2016 Footy Headlines Boot Awards.

The Footy Headlines Boot Awards are broken down in three categories, with voting for the first one (Most Innovative Football Boot) already started yesterday. Votes for all three categories will be open until Sunday next week (December 18). The Best Football Boot of the Year will be the 'ultimate' award, with voting open from this weekend.

Worst Football Boot of The Year

Here are some of the worst soccer cleats of the year.

2016 brought us many awesome football boots from all brands, but there were also boots that were not as good as the Merlot Nike Tiempo Pirlo edition (we love them). We have made a preselection of nine not so good football boots of last year.

Adidas Ace Tekkers: Innovative small-sided boot for all surfaces that was discontinued after less than one year due to unpopularity (design?)
Adidas Copa SL: Copa Mundial remake, no leather upper
Adidas Messi 15.1: The Messi logo on the toe box area is just oversized, and the design is also much worse than the current-gen Messi cleat in overall
Adidas X 15 Pink: That design is much worse than anything we have seen from Adidas this year
Nike Magista Opus Hyper Grape: We think that's the worst colorway Nike released in the past 12 months
Nike Tiempo Legend VI Camo Edition: Nike's Camo pack was not bad, but the Camo look just doesn't work on the Tiempo

Puma Euro 2016 Tricks evoPOWER: Puma just copied their 2014 World Cup two-colored boot concept for the Euro this year...
Next-Gen Puma evoSPEED SL 17 Optical: Great looking boot that has one big downside... the soccer cleat just lasts for around 10 matches
Under Armour Tutti Frutti Memphis Depay: It's not a bad looking boot, but the fact that it's the almost endless Depay signature cleats make them somehow useless. Who really want to wear them?

Which Was The Worst Football Boot of The Year?

Adidas Ace Tekkers
Adidas Copa SL
Adidas Messi 15.1
Adidas X 15 Pink
Nike Magista Opus Hyper Grape
Nike Tiempo Legend VI Camo Edition
Puma Euro 2016 Tricks evoPOWER
Next-Gen Puma evoSPEED SL 17 Optical
Under Armour Tutti Frutti Memphis Depay

What was the worst boot of the year? Let us also know in the comments below if we missed any bad soccer cleat launched this year and vote for the Most Innovative Boot.
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