All-New Adidas Paul Pogba Signature Logo Revealed

Paul Pogba earlier today unveiled his new logo on social media. And he did in the most Pogba way possible - by including it in his new hairstyle.

Adidas will release the first-ever Paul Pogba signature boots in just a few days. Coinciding with this key career milestone, the brand has created a special Pogba logo that will be used for the Manchester United superstar's products in the future.

Adidas Paul Pogba Signature Logo

Pogba's new logo consists of two Ps, for 'Paul Pogba' and on this cap, which will be released together with his new cleats early next year, it's gold on black background. There's also some musical note inspiration on the lower of the two letters, probably inspired by Pogba's unique playing style.

The Adidas Pogba soccer boots will include the new logo in the form of applications on the sockliner and the gym bag that comes with a pair of them. In addition, 'Pogboom' will be written on the heel.

What are your thoughts on the new Adidas Paul Pogba signature logo? How does it compare to Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo's? Drop us a comment below.