Imagining the New Crest on Atletico's 16-17 Kits + Logo Vote

A couple of days ago, Atletico Madrid unveiled the new crest that will be used from the start of the 2017-18. The overall reception of this crest hasn't been great, but we think it might be interesting to see how it compares to the current one when put on the actual Atletico home and away jerseys.

Atletico Madrid Kit x New Crest

Use the slideshow below to compare the new and old Atletico logos on the 2016-17 home jersey.

The new Atletico crest certainly makes a decent impression on the Atletico 16-17 home shirt, but the jury is not yet out on whether it's an actual improvement on the previous one.

For the away, we opted for a gold-and-navy edit of the new crest, similar to what's used currently.

Last but not least, we are interested in hearing your opinion on the new Atletico crest. Select the option that suits your standpoint the most below.

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