12 Insane Sponsor Concept Boots Revealed

Update: Graphic UNTD has created eight new football boots featuring logos of famous brands such as CocaCola, Nutella and PlayStation. What if regular sponsors would be on football boots? While no soccer player has worn football boots with an eye-catching sponsor logo yet, there have been sponsors on the cleats of American football cleats recently to raise money for charity organizations. We take a look at four sponsor football boots, created by French graphic designer Graphic UNTD.

Sponsor Football Boots - Concepts

Adidas Ace16+ Xbox One Purecontrol * New

Adidas Ace16+ Evian Purecontrol * New

Adidas Ace16+ Ferrero Rocher Purecontrol * New

Adidas Ace16+ Dr Pepper Purecontrol *New

Nike Mercurial Superfly Nutella *New

Nike Mercurial Superfly Levis *New

Nike Mercurial Superfly PS4 *New

Nike Xmas Mercurial Superfly CocaCola 'New

Nike Mercurial Superfly Cochonou

Nike Mercurial Su(Ze)perfly

Adidas Ace16+ Dominos Pizza

Adidas Ace16+ Milka

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